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Welcome to MastofeedMastoFeed

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MastoFeed is the easiest way to automate sending your RSS content to your Mastodon account.

It's super easy

It works with every instance. It takes just a few seconds to set up your feeds, and you don't need technical expertise at all.


Add your feeds and you're done. MastoFeed will check it periodically to send your content.

Frequenly Asked Questions about MastofeedMastoFeed


MastoFeed does not use, employ or apply any kind of external analytics, advertising or profiling services.

MastoFeed does not request, ask, has access or store your Mastodon account password, your email address, your IP address, location or anything related.

If you sign up with MastoFeed to your Mastodon server, said server will grant Mastofeed a private key for MastoFeed to post on your account. This uses the OAuth 2.0 Protocol.

MastoFeed only asks for the following permissions: Read-only access to your account (to get your username), write-only access to your posts (to send public messages on behalf of your account), and write-only access for media attachments (to include pictures in the messages if necessary).

MastoFeed can not access, read, request, edit or delete your public posts, direct messages, lists of users you follow, lists of users are following you, your account details or settings.

MastoFeed has internal access to the actual URLs of the RSS feeds, and the content they publicly display.

MastoFeed will not publicly disclose any information tied to any Mastodon account that uses MastoFeed. This includes the username and server of that account, the URL of the RSS feeds, or any content send

When you delete the MastoFeed credentials for your associated Mastodon account, MastoFeed deletes everything related to the account from the database. This includes your username, server domain name, and the URLs of the feeds you added.

When you delete the URL of a RSS Feed in MastoFeed, MastoFeed will delete everything related to that RSS Feed and Mastodon account from the MastoFeed database.

MastoFeed will not delete, and can not delete, any content in your associated Mastodon account.

MastoFeed is hosted in Germany at a Linode server. It abides by German and European Union laws.

MastoFeed uses SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt.

MastoFeed does not alter the links in any way. It does not add tracking.


MastoFeed is free of charge.

MastoFeed reserves the right to refuse connections to any domain or IP deemed dangerous or unsafe for technical and legal reasons. This applies both to the RSS feeds and the Mastodon instances.

MastoFeed will not fetch content from any RSS Feed after the most recent item has a date older than 365 days. It will flag it as inactive, but the owner could reactivate it again when there are new items.

MastoFeed will not fetch or send content that is dangerous, unlawful or unsafe.

MastoFeed will respect and abide by robots.txt rules specified in the domain where the RSS Feed is located.

MastoFeed will send all requests with the user agent " fetch bot;".

MastoFeed allows to run 50 different feeds.

In the absence of any rules regarding automated access, MastoFeed will send as few requests as possible to the servers hosting the RSS Feeds and the Mastodon instance.

MastoFeed will not work with RSS Feeds which can not be accessed from Germany or the European Union over an open Internet access. This includes corporate networks, personal or private networks, firewalled networks of any kind.

All content sent to your Mastodon account from MastoFeed will be marked by the Mastodon server as sent from MastoFeed.


MastoFeed was created in 2022 by Álex Barredo. You can get in touch at or or via email

Please send any feature requests, found bugs or any type of comment.